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The Time is almost here! Book Five of the Revelation Series – The Invitation – Will Ship Soon

revelation5I must be the world’s worst book marketer.  I’ve been so absorbed with the fifth (and final!) book in the Revelation series that I’ve not posted any updates for a while.

But get ready – the fifth installment is called “The Invitation” and it’ll be out very soon.  If you read the other four books, I believe you will be very happy with this one.  It ties up every loose end, brings to a satisfying close every sub plot, and winds up with an ending that the beta readers tell me they couldn’t put down.

From the beginning, the books have been largely about Jane and her growth as first a human being and now as a leader.  Expect her to be challenged in ways no leader should be, as she asks others to sacrifice and offers herself when it is required.

The final gathering of the Connection is a scene I’m very proud of.  I think you’ll find it rips your heart out with its sadness, but will have you saying “Yeah!” with its surprises.

Watch for a shipping announcement for “The Revelation Series, Book Five – The Invitation.”