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The Revelation Series – Book Four Coming Soon!

The active writing and rewriting of book four is almost done.  I have a target date of March 15 to release it.  It’ll be available on Amazon.

I’ve named this one The Celebration.  You’ll understand why as you get into the book.  All your favorite characters will return with some moving up to starring roles.

However, this book is significantly different in some important ways.  The story has become more complex and the characters are challenged in ways they have never been before.  There’s a new dynamic at work that could keep them from fulfilling their destiny.

I’ll post more on The Revelation of Brain A. Pearlmitter, Book Four: The Celebration later, but for now, how about a sample?

Coming Soon:

My alarm woke me at 6:45. That gave me 15 minutes to get ready before Jane would expect me to arrive at her place and perform what she called her “egg exam.”

She wanted to get pregnant, but her fiancé likely couldn’t father children. Her plan was simple – as soon as an egg made its appearance, I would touch it mentally and somehow that would transfer my DNA and fertilize the egg. I knew of other ways to make that happen, but this was Jane, and if she wanted it this way, then that’s the way it would be.

But even with the force of her will, the egg was being stubborn about showing up.   Last night I had checked her about 10pm and when I reported no change, she glared at me for 10 full seconds with sparks shooting from her eyes and then turned and stomped off to her apartment without saying a word. I didn’t mind really – I knew her too well to get my feelings hurt so easily. She was who she was after all. And also, she was my best friend.

I left my apartment and walked down the hallway to hers. The door was propped open. We didn’t have to worry about intruders in our building because we had 24 hour security downstairs courtesy of Evan Miller, who not only was the owner of the building, but was a multi-billionaire. He also was a member of a group that I led called the Connection. Evan, like all the members, would do anything I asked. I wasn’t yet comfortable in such a leadership role, so I was careful to never ask too much of any of them.

Jane was my second in command. Our roles should probably have been reversed, but that’s just the way it had worked out. Today I found my second staring at herself in a full length mirror. She was barefoot and wearing a robe.

“Sit down,” she said. I did. She came and sat beside me on the couch. “Make with the checking.” Her mood didn’t seem to have improved since last night.

I connected to her instantly and started to look inside her, when I felt her take my hand. She put it palm down on her stomach and covered it with hers. The robe was thin and I could feel the warmth of her skin through it.   This was her ritual and I certainly didn’t mind at all.