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Once Again, Something in My Books Makes the Headlines

When I started writing The World’s End Series, my original name for it was Regina’s World because . . . well, I won’t say since that would be a big spoiler.

When we first meet her, Regina runs a business that caters to the richest segment of society – the .01 percent.   She doesn’t really have to market her business even though an entry level sale was ten million dollars.  Her clients come to her.

Sound like a good business to be in.  What she was selling is security in an insecure world.  Suppose the yogart hits the fan – people are hungry, perhaps angry, certainly desperate.  Who do they seek out after the grocery stores are empty?  The elites know they answer, they will come after them.

So Regina sells bunkers, set in secret places so that her rich clients can feel safe while the world falls apart.  And not just safe, but comfortable.  Her bunker are secure, but have all the amenities so that her clients can live the way they’ve grown accustomed to.

But it’s a scam and Regina knows it, calling her clients fools and saying most of them won’t survive a year in their gilded cages.

But I guess the rich aren’t reading The World’s End.  If they did they’d know better.  Check out this story.