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Scientists Suggest How Original Life “Self Assembled”

Actually, the description of the creation of life as “self assembly” is used in my SciFi series, The Revelation of Brian A. Pearlmitter.  One of the revelation deals with exactly how life started on Earth – and why.

Most scientists believe that the early Earth had chemicals and temperatures and an atmosphere that, when combined is just the right way, led to life basically building itself into existence.

Lifeless area

However, there has been a long standing problem with this idea – two of them actually.

First, there is wide agreement that there are three “building blocks” needed for life to spring into being.  The problem is that it seemed likely that one of these blocks had to pop into existence before the others and it was hard to figure out how that could happen.

But now, in the journal Nature Chemistry, a group of scientists have solved that riddle.   They theorize that if the primordial “soup” contains a few common chemicals (hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen cyanide, UV light and water), all three of the needed parts could appear, and things could just snap into place and life could start.

Remember I said there were two problems?  The second is that scientists have been announcing they were going to create life within a year or two for over 50 years and their beakers remain devoid of artificial life.   But this news should help them – all they need are some common items they have lying around already.

So go ahead science guys – make us some life.  We’re waiting.

The idea that life requires a “recipe” to get started is also covered in a very funny way in book one of the series by comparing the recipe for Life to the recipe for a ridiculously complex turkey meal called Thompson’s Turkey.

It’s a real recipe and you can really make it.  Even a scientist could.